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What our Clients are saying...

"When I first met Shay, I felt like we clicked. She understood my love and passion for all things birth. We talked about everything and it was like we had been friends for the longest time! There was no awkward phase; I feel like it was an immediate connection.

 Fast forward a few weeks, and here we were on the big day! I had been having contractions through the early morning and kept in touch with Shay to let her know. I felt like I would bother her with all of my texting and a labor that couldn't make up its mind. Through the day, my texts were responded to quickly and with enthusiasm. There were times when I thought Shay might be more excited about this birth than I was!

 When the time finally came, she was here in record time and ready to get straight to it. A lot of people asked if I had any reservations about having a stranger there with me while I gave birth. The truth is, I felt more comfortable with Shay than I would have with anyone else. It was like we had been longtime friends. After she arrived, labor only lasted another 45 minutes or so, and our sweet baby was born. Shay perfectly captured the surprise on our faces when we learned that after two boys, we were finally blessed with a girl. The pictures that we got were far better than I could have ever imagined. They were worth every single penny and then some. The level of love and passion and professionalism that went in to every photo, shows!"

~Meagan & Chris, on the birth of their 3rd baby; born November 17th



"Both of my daughters were born at home and my single regret following the first was that I did not have a photographer.  Shay was present for the birth of my second daughter and she was absolutely incredible.  From the first consultation, I felt comfortable with her and that was so important since we would be in such an intimate setting.  My husband felt the same way at the home visit prior to delivery.  Shay was very easy to talk to and we kept in touch via text message when we knew I would be going into labor soon.  She was encouraging and positive and when the time came, eager and prepared.  In fact, when I woke up in the night and let my birth crew know it was time, she was one of the first to arrive!  The ability to be “a fly on the wall” is really important for an event photographer, but especially when it comes to birth!  Everyone in attendance agreed that Shay was unobtrusive, but she was willing to lend a hand a few times when we needed something and that was appreciated too.

Working with Shay really was delightful and the pictures turned out beautifully!  The images she captured have sparked tears every time our video has been watched for the past six months.  Since it’s hard for a mother to take in everything happening during childbirth, I’m grateful she did such an excellent job of preserving those few hours so I can look back and relive it.  She stayed for the duration of active labor through delivery, as well as our first time nursing, and when we all started settling down.  I’m very glad to have those memories on film so not only I can look back, but my daughter will be able to as well.  Childbirth is so beautiful and I am thankful that Shay was there to capture that time for us."
~Allison & Mogens, on the birth of their 2nd daughter; born April 22nd


"Like most brides, I have dreamt about my wedding day since as far back as I can remember.  I planned everything, right down to the small details that no one would probably ever notice.  The day came and went so quickly it was almost a blur.  Fortunately, Shay captured the most beautiful wedding photos for me so I get to relive this day every time I see a picture- even the tiniest details!  Not only are the quality of photos amazing, but she captured the personalities of myself and my husband so the photos are a true reflection of “us”.  I never felt like she was “taking over” or getting in the way like so many other wedding photographers do.  This was our day and she knew and respected that.  She captured everything I could have ever asked for (and more!) and I will be forever grateful for the ease and supreme satisfaction of working with her!"
~Heidi & Kevin, married October 20th


"Shay was amazing!! She was with me almost every minute; from my hair and makeup, to the last dance. She captured the day beautifully. She always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, and the best part was that she was not an intrusion whatsoever! She made the day great. She didnt force herself into situations; she was simply there to guide us to where we needed to be. She gave me photos of memories that I didn't know I wanted or thought needed, but I did want them and I did need them! I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. I will absolutely be using her in the future to capture all of my family's memories. I give my highest recommendation for her and her company!! She has a gift to see what the average person doesn't and she sees it through a lens. I thank her everyday for making my wedding day a beautiful memory that will never be forgotten."
~Lauren & Seth, married September 10th


"Shay was AMAZING!! On my wedding day she was with me from the time I woke up until me and my bridal party went to sleep! She captured EVERYTHING. My bridal party and my father-in-law still talk about how she was "everywhere"! She didn't miss anything in the ceremony, the first kiss, the lighting of the unity candle, my parents coming down the aisle, me reading to my husband in the foyer, the snapshot from the balcony of the guests, everything! My memories of my wedding are not only kept forever because of her quick thinking, but also I remember how relaxed I was because she had everything under control. She was so involved in the wedding planning process before the wedding too. We emailed back and forth so that she would have a list of shots that I wanted, and she would suggest things. Everything she did was EXACTLY what I wanted, and she wasn't pushy, or rude, or in the way. EVERYONE at my wedding (bridal party, guests, & family members) had only good things to say about her. Everyone asked who she was and commented how wonderful of a job that she did! Our pictures are FABULOUS and it's all because of Shay and her hard work!!!"
~Jessica & Neal, married November 11th








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